Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Mid-Term 
Rules to follow:

1. Speaking more words gets you the more points!
So, the more you talk, the better your score will be! *Let's be brave!* (By the way, great work, 1st half of the class! 4/19/2017 was a success!! Wahoo!)

2. Using vocabulary vitamins from Unit 1 & 2 will give you more points!
*See images below.*

3. Grammar structure doesn't count--this is why you can
fix your mistakes when you type and still get full credit for your words, even if they are wrong!

4. Please send me your midterm by email at on May 3rd. (Update: We DO NOT come to class on this day.)

To see an EXAMPLE of last year's mid-term, view below.
*HINT HINT*: The white box is there with the same exact text. Please COPY AND PASTE into your Microsoft Word document, so that you, too can take the word count of how many terms you used. Then, count how many comments or questions you made (also known as how many times you spoke--in this example below, he spoke 23 times) during your 20-min mid-term. *^^* --Please, always call or email if you have any questions--I'm serious, any questions at all~~!!

i.e. *CHUL-SU AHN.*
1st conversation test
  I spoke 169 words ÷ 23 times = 7.3 words per utterance

Unit 1: You                                            Unit 2: Weekend and Leisure
active Listening music Major class                Andong Persian
The Top 5 Mistakes I Will Fix Are:
1. Yesterday, 이란대사관 came to our school event.
2. My free time didn't match this time.
3. I will go to the media communication building, but...yes.
4. Our major is learning the alphabet.
5. Because strangers are so scary.
1. My name is Byeon Eun gyung.
2. My major is Persian.
3. I am 21 years old.
4. My hobby is listening music.
5. Umm.. k- pop.
6. Today, do you know 꽃피는 봄이 오면?
7. Do you have join a club?
8. What about you?
9. No but, I wanted join 외대 연극회 but my private time didn't match this time.
10. No, I have boy friend.
11. Me too. ha ha.
12. Nineteen!
13. Do you have something plan in summer vacation?
14. Do you know Andong?
15. My summer vacation plan is having a part-time job and I want... in winter vacation, I want go trip.
16. Japan or China.
17. I met my boyfriend.
18. Your major class is good? understand?
19. Our major is learn alphabet. so...boring.
20. Say SALUM.
21. Yesterday, 이란대사관 is come our school and event. We ate IRAN food and reading poem. funny!
22. Me too. first, I will go media communication, but...yes.
23. I like math too. In high school, I didn't like English. because stranger is so scary.

Questions to think about after your midterm exam: This will be provided in class on May 10th (there is no class on May 3rd). You don't need to type or do anything with this YET.

Name __________________________________ 

Video Feedback Checklist
You can write and take notes, and if you did something more than once, you can put checks
  1. Make comments (Really, no kidding, me too, awesome, etc) ___________________________________
  2. Ask follow-up questions (Where, when, why, how often?) _____________________________________
  3. Use Kind of, half and half, it depends ______________________________________________________
  4. First, Second, Third _____________________________________________
  5. But, however, the bad news ____________________________________________________________
  6. Did you self correct? (My brother she. . . he) _______________________________________________
  7. Did you help explain something to your partner? ____________________________________________
  8. Did you say things like:
    "In my case" ____________"very like, very hate" ? ___________
    "said to me" __________ "best important" ____________
    "I trip, to trip, trip on" ? ___________ "best favorite" __________
  9. Did you use COMPARISON? ______________DURATION? _____________FREQUENCY? _____________
  10. Did you talk about FOOD?______________ TECHNOLOGY___________ VACATIONS? _______________
  11. Did you let your partners talk enough? ____________________________________________________
  12. How was your pronunciation? _________________________
    Did you speak clearly? _______________
  13. What words did you pronounce badly? ___________________________________________________
  14. Did you have a long pause before you asked a question? _____________________________________
  15. What mistakes did you make? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  16. What mistakes did your partner's make? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  17. What grade do you give yourself on your speaking ability ________and test performance ________?
  18. Would you give yourself a job? ___________________

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