Monday, April 24, 2017

Hello class:

There has been an update. 

No class is on May 3rd.

We can postpone watching ourselves on the video recording for May 10th.

4. Please send me your midterm by email at on May 10th. 
๐Ÿ˜€Everyone, please have a Happy Buddha's birthday! Take lots of pictures on this sunny day, and be sure to tell me of your adventures on the 10th! Please take care, everyone!! 

์ˆ˜์ž” ํ‹ฐ์ณ ์˜ฌ๋ฆผ. 

P. S. This is the May 10th Questionnaire, by the way. There are 18 questions to reflect on. 

Questions to think about after your midterm exam: This will be provided in class on May 10th (there is no class on May 3rd). You don't need to type or do anything with this YET.

Name __________________________________ 

Video Feedback Checklist
You can write and take notes, and if you did something more than once, you can put checks
  1. Make comments (Really, no kidding, me too, awesome, etc) ___________________________________________
  2. Ask follow-up questions (Where, when, why, how often?) ___________________________________________
  3. Use Kind of, half and half, it depends ______________________________________________________________________________________
  4. First, Second, Third ___________________________________________
  5. But, however, the bad news ______________________________________________________________________________________
  6. Did you self correct? (My brother she. . . he) ___________________________________________
  7. Did you help explain something to your partner? ___________________________________________
  8. Did you say things like:
    "In my case" ____________"very like, very hate" ? ___________
    "said to me" __________ "best important" ____________
    "I trip, to trip, trip on" ? ___________ "best favorite" __________
  9. Did you use COMPARISON? ______________DURATION? _____________FREQUENCY? _____________
  10. Did you talk about FOOD?______________ TECHNOLOGY___________ VACATIONS? _______________
  11. Did you let your partners talk enough? ___________________________________________
  12. How was your pronunciation? ___________________________________________
    Did you speak clearly? _____________________
  13. What words did you pronounce badly? ___________________________________________
  14. Did you have a long pause before you asked a question? ___________________________________________
  15. What mistakes did you make? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  16. What mistakes did your partner's make? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  17. What grade do you give yourself on your speaking ability ________and test performance ________?
  18. Would you give yourself a job? ___________________

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