Thursday, May 11, 2017

Two videos I recommend.


I am a little sad, many of you forgot to write down your top 5 mistakes for your mid-term. ;(

 1. Anyways, yesterday a student mentioned how she loved watching Aran's YouTube videos! I thought it was a great idea to share her talks for some great inspiration! (Her voice is lowered than the theme music, so be ready to increase your volume for your speakers.)

Here's her first video, but I originally wanted to find her Ted Talk on volunteering in a shelter home. I searched for an hour, but I believe it's been deleted. It was so great, and made me fall in love with the character Aran is!

*Cross of fingers* I hope she replies back with the link~

 2. This is Billy in England. A native Korean who is really fun to watch on YouTube! *Enjoy!* (When I first watched this video a month ago, I thought of Singaporeans, la.)

I'll be learning a lot teaching this weekend! Saturday and Sunday are days for me to learn more about how to teach!

Wow, I just wanted to post 2 good YouTube videos for you guys. This is becoming a diary. I learned we need to stand up in our mid-term exams. I'll start printing our note cards for you to write to me anonymously about anything--maybe what you'll do for the rest of the day or what you thought about the class. This is called a CommuniCard.

They will be handed out at the end of every class.

Next class, we will chart out your language proficiency progress on graph paper our analysis in our life before the mid-term and then after the mid-term.

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